Jarrah – Hello from Jervis Bay 15/1/2014

Hello everyone we are in Jervis Bay right now and it’s been very hot and windy. Khan and I have made heaps of friends already.


We have been to Wilson’s promontory were we stayed for 5 nights and even wrote our boat name on a piece of wood and played on the beach basically every day, except for 2 days when we got wind bullets over the mountains and couldn’t go ashore. Khan and I made some new friends who we played with most of the time. I was already feeling really excited about going away and couldn’t believe it was really happening. Dad and I snorkelled once and for the first time with my snorkel on I dived down to the bottom. I felt that I would be doing that lots over the next year.


The sailing was rough and windy and up and down all the way, we finally made it to lakes entrance at 1:00 am with more rough weather waiting for us at about 8:30am we went through the sand bar/rip. Now you probably don’t want to hear this but I’ll tell you anyway we started through the rip and Khan and I were inside but Khan wasn’t feeling to good.  I was sitting on the top step with the wash boards in, luckily, because soon after wards….. CRASH a wave landed on dad’s head he had a mortified look on his face the cockpit was full of water and they (mum and dad) were dripping wet. We finally made it through about half an hour later and were tied safely to a jetty.


Lakes entrance is little town with a few shops but lots of jetties, after 2 days of rough weather and wind it felt great to be back on land. I can’t imagine what it will be like when we have to last 2 long tiring weeks at sea.

Gippsland Lakes was a fun place and Khan and I made some new friends who we played with most of the time we played with crabs and rocks on the beach.


After Gippsland lakes we sailed through to Jervis bay. We first went to the hole in the wall were we swam and played and walked on the beach. By the end of one day our feet were killing us from a long walk barefoot over rocks, stones and rough road.  After one night we sailed across the bay to a place called Callala beach where we motor ashore and go on walks.  Today we spent hours playing on a rope tied to a tree hanging over a creek.  We would run from the tree holding on to the rope and swing and then SPLASH we would drop off into the water and swim back and do it again. After a while we went and played down stream with our water squirters and GUESS WHAT a sting ray touched my foot!!

2 thoughts on “Jarrah – Hello from Jervis Bay 15/1/2014

  1. Well done Jarrah.A great story and excellent pix.Going into Lakes E was very daring but it means the weather was worse outside i suppose.You picked a bad 10 day period to go to Sydney. Gets easier later in Jan.You will enjoy the Harbour on Aust Day.Love to all.Grandpa and Anne

  2. Hi Jarrah Khan Rach and Justin, so good to read your stories and see the pictures great to hear that you are taking yr time and enjoying it!! Touched by a stingray and you survived!!! YIPPEE. Will look into flights to Sydney and might catch up with you all, back at work today so plenty of time to read yr blog, keep the info coming
    Big kissy wissy

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