Bantry Bay, Sydney Harbour 24th of January- Jarrah

We sailed into Sydney Harbour at about 9:45 after one rolley and little windy night at sea. We had left Jervis Bay early afternoon and had little wind for the rest of the way but non-stop rolliness.

 Right now we are at Bantry Bay in Middle Harbour, Sydney Harbour, and before Bantry Bay we stayed at a marina next to the spit bridge. WOW! now the spit bridge was amazing. When trying to get to the marina we had to get under the bridge, but wait,  we couldn’t fit under the bridge so how would we get through?…. well let me tell you the story.  We cut down our mast NO! I’m joking.  We had to wait until the bridge opened which was at 10:15am we went through the bridge with a load of other yachts and boats before the bridge closed again. We stayed there for 4 nights!

Being in Sydney gave us a chance to catch up with uncle Simon (insert love heart!)

We then motored over to Bantry Bay where we will probably stay for 1 night   ImageImageImage

2 thoughts on “Bantry Bay, Sydney Harbour 24th of January- Jarrah

  1. What a wonderful experience you and your children are experiencing. We wish you well and hope all your dreams come true. It is great to be able to be with you all in spirit. Jarrah and Kahn you both write a very good story, we are looking forward to hearing about your adventures.
    Lots of love to you all
    Gerard and Josie.

  2. Jarrah, it would have been a big problem if you sawed off the mast. I know Spit Bridge very well. I used to drive over it to get to Sydney from Georges Heights on Middle Head. I’m not sure where Bantry Bay is but I think it is near Middle Head. Liked your pix.Who took them?

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