Hi it’s Khan: The Animal Reporter for Our Blog

DSCF0444Our Official Animal Reporter
Tasman crossing – left Sydney on the 1st March, 2014
On day 3 we wrote a haiku about dolphins. We also did a sailing haiku.
Glide through the water
Deep blue ocean all around
Catch the wind and fly.
I will sail with you IMG_2401
Drifting across the ocean
Off land, on the sea.
My family and me
We sailed the Tasman sea
It was so awesome.
Sailing the ocean
What will tomorrow’s day bring?
New opportunities.
The next day we were in the Tasman sea when Dad was cooking dinner when suddenly  we saw a dolphin. Then we saw heaps of them. It was amazing seeing them jump out of the water. They stayed while we had dinner.  Then they left to go home.
IMG_2426 IMG_2428
The next day they came again for about half an hour.  Some of the dolphins went up on there tails and did a dance. There were some little dolphins that jumped out the water and then went back to their mother.  The babies were about 2 feet and the adults 1.5 meters long.
It was epic seeing them and I hope they come again.
Ps go to Jarrah’s blog to see the dolphin haiku!!!!!
FISHY TALES (Flying Number 1)
It was in the sea when Dad said ‘Guys come have a look at this’.  So we came out and guess what it was ….. A flying fish, two of them. Can you believe it?  They stunk really bad and they were slimy.  We had to throw them over because dad did not want the smell.  They were about 23cm long.
One of them had a black thing sucking on to it.  The other one was blue and I liked it the best!!!  Flying fish jump out of the water when something is chasing them, so they don’t get eaten.  When they fly they look like a bit like a toy airplane.  They can fly up to 50 meters.  It is really cool seeing them.  They got on our boat because they jumped out of the water to get away, but unfortunately they landed on the boat and died.
We were in the Tasman sea when we saw a bird.  At first we did not know if it was an Albatross or a Pacific Gull.  Later that day we saw 2 big, big Albatross flying. The Albatross stayed  with us for about a week.  On day 3 there was a bird that was white and it circled us 3 whole times and then left to go somewhere else.


One thought on “Hi it’s Khan: The Animal Reporter for Our Blog

  1. hey hey khanny, you caught a fish and you didnt even need your rod, thats pretty clever 🙂
    Thanks for the updates animal reporter, where’s the NZ lizard reports? Your dolphin experience sounds amazing & as long as they were albatross and nothing else circling.. Love and hugs
    sime xoxo

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