Jarrah – New Zealand 19th March, 2014.


Ocean passage games

Khan and I played heaps of games along the trip across the Tasman and they included:






  • Making pirate costumes out of paper and also pirate parrots (Polly want a cracker!!)
  • Making a band
  • Played caravans under the table Made dolphin haikus:

Mum’s haiku:

Dolphin, dolphin blue

Oh how we want to see you

Please come, dolphin do.


Jarrah’s haiku:

Dol, dol, dol, dolphin

Dol diddle dol diddle dol dolphin

Diddle diddle diddle dolphin.


Khan’s haiku:

Dolphins love to play

I like to play with dolphins

Dolphins are the best.


Dad’s haiku:

Delfunër är trevliga

De lekar med båten

Delfuner år så kul.

There not all in the same language and some are not even haikus, but at least we had a go!!!

At first I thought they were sharks but in the end they turned out to be dolphins. Throughout the trip we saw heaps of dolphins but there were only two groups so one group had about 50 dolphins. It was awesome!!


We finally arrived in New Zealand after about 11 ½ days at sea. We tied up on the customs jetty in Opua at 12:30am NZ time (2 hours ahead AUS time).  The next day we had customs and quarantine come.  They only threw out a Kumera (sweet potato), a couple of limes, popcorn and one onion but everything else was fine.


When we were at sea we had been trying to beat a cyclone, cyclone Lusi so we needed to get into a marina and quickly! We rang the marina to see if they could book a berth.  Unluckily they couldn’t but they said they could put us on a swing mooring.  In the end someone moved out so we got a marina berth for 1 week.



Whilst at Opua marina we could finally have a wash, do some washing and just sit down and relax!! Well… it actually wasn’t just sit down and relax it was “OK now we have to go get some food, get a flag BLAH, BLAH, BLAH” “Mum aren’t we on holidays!”

Anyway, one day we talking to a guy on the marina that was cruising around (as this Marina had lots of cruisers) when I saw a girl on scooter, yes that is right a girl on scooter the first kid (other than Khan) for 2 weeks. We went to play with her.


Her name was Natalie the next day and we decided to make a cubby house.  We kept playing with her then Khan found a wooden shelf that we could use to make a shop.  The only problem was that we didn’t have anything to sell so how can you have a shop that doesn’t have anything to sell.



We decided to make things out leaves like bracelets and anklets. I would have given you all one but you aren’t allowed to send things overseas so I can’t!

So we made it, at last now we can just sit back and relax… HOPEFULLY!!!

2 thoughts on “Jarrah – New Zealand 19th March, 2014.

  1. Thanks for the thought of sending over a bracelet, it looks great on me and frankie loves hers. It seems like so long ago that you sailed across from Sydney but we are still so relieved you made it. Holidays, ha what holidays, aren’t you at school?? Glad you found a new friend to play with, it looks like you have found plenty moore since this post. Keep sharing, it’s great reading and seeing your pics, it almost feels like we are on the journey with you. Big love to you, Simes n frankie xoxo

  2. hey jarrah,
    it looks like your having so much fun. your so lucky.
    i miss you soooo much. I’m sorry i haven’t been talking its just my laptop is broken-
    and I’m on my auntys computer. the girls (the girls from our class and your other friends) miss you lots and so does mrs.vaught an mrs.noble. i can’t wait to see you. i hope you have lots of fun

    love from milla
    PS. the girls say hi :):) ❤

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