Jarrah 18th November. Uri Island, Port Stanley, Malekula. Vanuatu

Port Stanley, Malekula – 12th of October.  (Written in Brisbane).

We really should have been leaving but just couldn’t resist going over for a snorkel on the clear reef 100 metres from our boat. So we went. Mum swam over, Khan paddled around in the kayak but Dad and I went in the dinghy. We jumped in and the water was beautifully clear.

I was swimming with Dad and we saw lots of turtles lazing on the bottom and swimming around the reef. Then Dad left to go snorkel somewhere else but I thought he was still with me so I turned around… I thought I saw Dad down looking really closely at the coral. Then I thought ‘that’s not Dad that’s a MASSIVE cod’. I was busy planning my escape route when the cod turned so that I could see the side of it and that’s when I realised it was a Dugong. I tried to call Dad over through my snorkel, keeping my eye on the Dugong just in case I had mistaken it for a shark. Dad must have heard me because soon he was over with me and we were snorkelling with this 2 metre long dugong that was only about 3 metres away. We stayed with it for about 5 minutes. It looked like a walrus without tusks. It was amazing!!!!


Some crabs had red legs, some had red nippers, some had a red body.


Khan and Zac searching for hours for crabs and hermit crabs.


The family kitchen.


Masing and family looked after us during our time at Uri Island, Malekula.


Having anchored our dingy way out at low tide, a band of merry local children playing on a dug out canoe volunteered to tow it into us on shore.


Local kids. Uri Island, Port Stanley, Malekula.

One thought on “Jarrah 18th November. Uri Island, Port Stanley, Malekula. Vanuatu

  1. I love seeing all of your pictures! That dugong encounter must have been awesome indeed! I hope that Brisbane wasn’t too hectic for you all leading up to the G20! How different it must be to be back in Australia… All best for the journey south!

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