Jarrah – The Blue Holes, Peterson Bay, Espirito Santo. Vanuatu

The Blue Holes- 19/10/14

We had just sailed up from Luganville and anchored in Peterson Bay. It was a beautiful anchorage and the water was awesomely clear. There were lots of little islands and we were anchored in the middle of lots of reef so we were very wary about where we anchored. We had been sailing with another boat called Flour Girl, on board were 2 adults and a 9 year old boy named Zac. They had also come up here with us.


Hanging out on route between anchorages in Espirito Santo bays.



About to transfer the outboard motor to the dingy, for shore access. A dollar for every time we’ve loaded and unloaded the outboard from boat to dingy and back. This is one of the priority jobs when we arrive at a new anchorage and somewhat challenging when there is wind or swell.

After lunch we joined them going to the blue hole which was meant to be really awesome. So we went across the bay in their dinghy and then up the river for about 2 kilometres until we got to a fresh water pool. We went under a bridge and gave some money to one of the villagers but found out that we were meant to give it to a man who was spending time up there and making sure that everything was all right.


Jarrah, Zac and Khan paddling toward the river, in search of Blue Holes. Our Peterson Bay anchorage behind.


Jarrah and Zac deciding a tow is preferable to paddling against the current.

The water really did have a really blue tinge to it. There was a small jetty which we tied the dinghy up to. There was also a rope swing that wasn’t very high but was really fun. We swung heaps of times and Kim (one of the adults off the other boat) was scared of the cold water so we had to wait like 15 minutes before she finally swung off the rope.


A drop into blue.



Show us how it’s done Mr Harris



Magnificent clear fresh water at the Blue Hole. The water comes up from a cold underground spring and passes through calcium carbonate, which gives it the blue tinge (I think – Rache).

The water was really cold compared to what temperature we’d been swimming and snorkelling in, but at least it was nice to have a fresh water rinse off. All around the blue hole was lush green jungle so it was a perfect breeding ground for mozzies.

The next day we went to another blue hole this one was round the other side of 2 islands, near a resort.  The dinghy trip was longer and the water was colder at this blue hole. The swing was a ladder that went up a really high tree and at the top there was a platform. This blue hole was bluer and bigger.


Is it possible to have too much fun? Khan at the Blue Hole.



Jarrah about to take the big leap…



Let go Jarrah!!

To get across to the swing you had to swim from some rocks and Kim was really slow getting in. In the end I swam over and got behind her and pushed her in!! She told me she would pay me back but instead of her doing something to pay me back I did something to her! When she went up the ladder she wouldn’t go straight from the top. So she started at the bottom rung and worked her way up. When she finally reached the top platform she was again too scared of the cold water so I tickled her toes ‘til she swung into the water.

4 thoughts on “Jarrah – The Blue Holes, Peterson Bay, Espirito Santo. Vanuatu

    • Looks great guys what a fantastic place, when are you heading back? Don’t come too soon the weather here (geelong) is not that good…Michelle and Mike Briese (BOOTS)

  1. sooo much fun – what are you going to do when you have to come back to boooring school / work etc?/ I feel sorry for you and envious at the same time… oh and maybe a tiny bit happy that we will get to see you guys again!!!!

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